Requirements and Templates for Board Meeting Agendas

jul 3, 2023

An agenda that is well-organized for the board meeting is a crucial tool that can ensure productive meeting that is collaborative, whether you are assembling in person or virtual. It’s a method to keep the discussion on the topic that’s most important and to avoid wasting time or energy on non-productive subjects. Also, while a well-organized agenda is a key element of a strong board meeting, there’s plenty more that you can do to improve your board’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Ideally, agendas for board meetings are shared two to three days to a week ahead of the meeting. This gives board members time to review and prepare for the meeting. This also gives them the opportunity to ask for any additional items they feel should be discussed at the meeting. It’s a straightforward but effective way to cut down on unexpected additions at beginning of the board meeting.

When it comes to agenda items, make sure to include both old and new business. Old business will include any unresolved issues from previous meetings, and new business will include any topics that are proposed for discussion.

When preparing the board meeting minutes, be sure to record clearly any decisions click here to investigate made as a result of the discussion. Also, make sure to document any points of order and appeals made at the meeting, and provide an overview of any executive session that were held.

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